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Imagine opening the door to a world where technological progress and social change go hand in hand. There you’ll meet the “Generation Alpha” – born in 2010 and beyond, raised in an era of rapid technological advancements and social change….

This generation is not only revolutionizing the way we do business and use technology, but also providing new opportunities for business development and collaboration.

What characterizes Generation Alpha?

DIGITAL NATIVES AS NEVER BEFORE: For Generation Alpha, there are no boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. While their parents – the Millennials – experienced the transition to the digital age, the Alphas know nothing else. They grew up digitized: smartphones, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) or Internet of Things (IoT) are not just technologies – they are extensions of their identity and self-image.

What used to be simple building blocks to stack and play with are now Lego bricks with AR functionalities. Which make it possible to experience virtual adventures in the physical world. Even the traditional surprise egg nowadays offers QR codes for digital, virtual experiences with their characters. And cool outfits now play an increasingly important role not only in our physical world, but also in the digital world of fashion.

COLLECTIVE AWARENESS: Influenced by the globalized nature of our modern world, Generation Alpha has a deep awareness of their role within the larger global network. Their perspective on issues such as climate change and environmental protection, social justice and equality is not only resolute, but also hopeful and purposeful.

ADAPTABLE AND READY TO LEARN: In a constantly changing world, Generation Alpha sees change not as an exception, but as the rule. Not as a risk, but as an opportunity. With an instinctive understanding of technology and social change, they are willing to learn new things, challenge ideas, and constantly and purposefully evolve their views.

Generation Alpha are digital natives like never before. Digital-centric and with a strong awareness of technology and their environment, they are already influencing business development today.


Even though some of them are not even born yet, the way Generation Alpha sees the world is already changing markets and business today. Now, it is the right time to focus on the Next Generation and actively incorporate values, needs and behaviors into business development.

Just remember the stories we told our grandparents to explain how our first iPhone worked… Alphas will be the engine of such stories. In the context of corporate change and innovative business models. This generation expects companies to operate transparently and responsibly – at all levels. Technological advancement, user-centricity and user experience, coupled with deep social consciousness, will form the backbone of successful companies of the future.


1. Sustainability is not a trend, it’s a must: In a world influenced by climate change, younger generations expect companies not just to speak out, but to actually act. Go ahead. Create impact. Companies must therefore take measurable steps toward a sustainable future. Green initiatives, recycling and circular economy or renewable energies are just a few examples of expectations that are becoming increasingly important. For the Alphas, the WHY of a company is at least as important as the WHAT. Companies should therefore consider Next Generation topics such as Clean Planet, Sharing Economy or Social Impact as growth areas for new services and business models. In this way, they can position themselves to be robust and fit for the future.

2. Innovative work models: The classic 9-to-5 work week could soon be obsolete and the traditional office a relic of the past. Generation Alpha is growing up in a time when remote work and flexible working models are experiencing more and more acceptance on the labor market. To be attractive to Alphas as employers, remote work, project-based roles and a greater focus on work-life integration are playing an increasingly important role. In the face of the prevailing skills shortage challenge, companies need to proactively reflect and adapt their working conditions and models. In order to position themselves as a first-class employer of choice, it is not only advisable, but essential, to already pay attention to Generation Alpha. After all, they are the driving professionals and experts of tomorrow. With new requirements and expectations of the employer of choice.

3. Technology with a human touch: While Generation Alpha is tech-savvy and digital-centric, they also value the human factor and social contact above all. Companies should use technology accordingly. Promote human relationships, not replace them, and drive corporate development in the spirit of co-creation. This means regularly involving employees, partners and also customers. After all, with all the successful technologies and advances of our digital age, success is still made by people – an essential factor for Generation Alpha.

Alphas are digitally connected and already use many versatile digital platforms – for gamification, authenticity, self-actualization and boundless creative power:

Digital innovations in the everyday life of Generation Alpha are also very exciting across generations… Also and especially relevant for corporate decision-makers. They show us clearly what matters for successful innovations…

Just try it out and get creative! Learn by gamification with Kohoot!. Share authentic snapshots with BeReal. Become an artist yourself with Procreate on your tablet or smartphone. Or create your own game worlds easily with Roblox and share them with others.

4. Collaboration over competition: In the digitally networked world of Generation Alpha, a clear trend is emerging: the focus is on cooperation, not fierce competition. This change in values is driven primarily by platforms such as TikTok and various gaming communities. Instead of growing up in an environment of rivalry, they are experiencing the power and value of collaborative action and creative cooperation. For business development, this means always focusing on collaboration.

A company, for example, that wants to develop a digital service app for Generation Alpha should look beyond the traditional framework. Integrating gamification elements – from simple reward systems to complex interactive features – is not only desirable, but almost a must. It is not just a nice add-on, but an adaptation to the expectations of a generation characterized by playful and cooperative experiences.

5. Diversity and inclusion: For Generation Alpha, diversity is not a fad, but a matter of course. Companies must promote diversity in all aspects – from corporate management to product development. This includes taking a more diverse view of target groups and markets as well. Proactively identifying new market opportunities and digital business opportunities and shaping them at an early stage: For and with Generation Alpha.


Generation Alpha are not only a new wave of consumers and workers, but also the architects of a new era of business and technology models. The future we are heading toward is already being shaped significantly by Generation Alpha. Alphas bring not only a fresh perspective and deep understanding of technology, but also a vision for a more inclusive, sustainable and collaborative world.

Now, it’s time to learn and embark on a shared journey with this remarkable generation. To be robust and future-fit, companies should position themselves with and for the Alphas. From organizational culture, collaborative work models to requirements for future attractive growth markets and innovative business models.

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