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When do we talk about the internet of things (iot)? Let’s start with a few examples: A washing machine that turns on automatically, when energy is cheap and sends messages via WhatsApp when laundry is ready to be hung up. Streetlights, that turn off self-controlled when no passenger is nearby. Cars that communicate with environments so that accidents and traffic jams are avoided. How does this work? Technologies like RFID-chips, sensors, data storages and software systems are needed. They make it possible to connect things with each other and also with us. By using data exchange at the internet. From our latest smartphones, to digital displays on our fridges through to car sensors.

Opportunities and application fields are varied. Advantages and values are perfectly clear: connect things and people with each other to operate in an easier, safer, more sustainable way – from smart home, predictive maintenance to smart cities and industries.

maschinen kommunizieren über das internet miteinander


Ada is my personal health guide and doctor. Bitesnap counts calories for me by using a simple picture of my food. Replika – lends an open ear no matter if I am anxious or just need somebody to talks with…What sounds a bit strange at first glance, is already in full swing: artificial intelligence (AI) is on the move and already established in many different fields of application.

In a nutshell: We understand AI as technology that imitates our human behavior by using complex mathematical algorithms. Just as voice recognition like Siri, Alexa & Co. Or the identification of textual and visual contents like IBM Watson. Or innovative Google‘s image search, that allows us to visually find everyting we are looking for.

Application fields of AI are nearly unlimited. AI can be used for process optimization and identification of customers’ needs and desires. In health care AI can identify diseases on early stages. Also, by using AI, robots and machines get able to take over dangerous tasks for us: like in space, underwater or mining activities.

Roboter mit künstlicher intelligenz


Blockchain has the ability to restructure our habits and markets and to revolutionize the way we carry on trade today. In our centralized “platform economy” with Google, Amazon, Facebook & Co., blockchain enables decentralization + self-determination.

In a nutshell: blockchain is a chain of data blocks. In this data blocks, all transactions ever done are recorded and managed in a decentralized way: within a network of countless participants, referred as to nodes, all over the world. Specific encryption codes ensure that data stored in blockchain are unchangeable and reliable. Only if many participants have checked and validated, transactions take place. Not until then, a data block is added to the next one so that a long chain of blocks (blockchain) is created.

Reasons to pay attention to blockchain are countless: from secure supply chain and proof of origins in logistics, to healthcare with unforgeable electronic patient files through to automatic land registries by using smart contracts. Use cases for blockchain are varied.

Technologien unserer Zeit, die Blockchain ist nicht wegzudenken


Virtual Reality (VR) – Experiences in virtual worlds.

With VR-Glasses and other gadgets VR technologies makes it possible to fully dive into virtual worlds. It’s not just that: we can move and interact in a 3D virtual world. We can operate, plan and move about freely. Feel and experience things like we would do in our real world.

Augmented Reality (AR) – Bring virtual elements into real worlds.

As opposed to VR, we do not dive into virtual worlds with AR. We rather combine our real world with virtual realities by using innovative software. Thus, we widen, enlarge and enrich our physical world by technology. Ever since the hype about Pokèmon Go we all know which huge impact AR technologies can have. How does this work? AR becomes possible by using mobile devices or specific data glasses that transport virtual elements into our real world. Thereby, computer-generated visuals are integrated into our reality – so that we give our realities an upgrade.

The whys and wherefores? Receive and experience the right information at the right time at any place – omnipresent. Increase customer experiences, facilitate learning curves, foster inspiration, widen horizons and perspectives… It becomes clear as water: mixed reality application fields are varied. Already today, we see an increasing number of use cases…

In our work with leading medium-sized companies and family offices, we have our finger on the pulse: Everyday, we support people and companies successfully shaping the future with innovation and technology. Especially with regard to new technologies, our experience and recommendation is: People make the difference. With empathy, creativity and enthusiasm for innovation, success and competitive advantages can be realized with new technologies.

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