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Six eye opening and inspiring blockchain use cases

Blockchain is on everyone’s lips. The main idea: decentralized data bases, unforgeable and clear identities. But: is blockchain able to revolutionize our economic system? Should all companies pay attention to innovation opportunities and disruptive potentials of blockchain for their business models?

We give some insights and inspiration in six blockchain use cases: from innovative applications in banking, logistics, production and trade through to health care and human resources.

use case 1 –  New ideas for trade finances

Revolution of trade finances is already taking place as blockchain-based trade finance platform Batavia impressively shows.

use case 2 –  Sustainability and transparent supply chains in fishery

WWF makes clear how blockchain supports fishery to become more transparent, sustainable and fairer for both: humans and animals. Thus, fisherman, traders and consumers receive benefits.

use case 3 –  Give patients control of their data, facilitate communication with doctors

How blockchain provides benefits for patients, doctors and whole health systems is impressively shown by e-Estonia.

use case 4 –  Decentralized electricity trading to increase competition and efficiency

How we get able to trade energy without intermediaries directly from producers to consumers is explained by U.S. project Power Ledger: Co-create Our Energy Future.

use case 5 –  smart insurances that pay for damage events immediately

Insurance AXA already have recognized that blockchain facilitates higher customer satisfaction + leaner and more productive processes: AXA fizzy, smart insurance.

use case 6 –  University certificates

How decentralization and counterfeit protection of blockchain provide benefits for applicants and companies is explained by QlikCert.

Is blockchain ready to revolutionize our markets?

DEFINITELY – and it already happens.

We realize innovative business models and services related to blockchain already today. In behalf of as well as together with leading companies. What are the chances and opportunities? How can we assess disruptive potentials for our markets and customers?At our EARLY BRANDS location in Bremen we offer the possibility to dive into the exciting blockchain use cases. Based on best practices, our experts’ knowledge and experiences, a worldwide scouting and appreciation for your needs and expectations. It is beyond question that blockchain disruptively change our economy and society. Thus, we recommend identifying and exploiting opportunities and risk on early stages – to realize future fields of opportunities prior to your competitors.

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