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An interview with Captain Alex

Think about the future – today. In volatile times, this is more important than ever. How can innovations and new technologies help to position ourselves robustly for the future? And thus create value with Next Generation Innovation? Alexander gives us insights from innovation consulting. What is the key for future success? What matters when we think about the future today?

EARLY BRANDS Insight: Everyday you exchange ideas with exciting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial people. What moves people about the future of their company?  

Captain Alex: Every conversation is individual and so are the topics that move people. At the same time, everyone is aware that we live in a time of rapid change. In other words, in a VUCA world with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. There is a particular need to position ourselves robustly. My perception is: More and more decision-makers are concerned with the question of how innovation can create value for now and today – and also for future generations. Next generation innovation is a key to this. Especially in times of change.

VUCA: in our dynamic world, it is increasingly important for decision-makers to position themselves robustly for the future. Next generation innovation with values for future generations are crucial.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: How can companies position themselves robustly in fast-moving markets? 

Captain Alex: I think what is needed more than ever is a functioning core business with solid cash flow. Strong liquidity. With great employees and a consistent focus on customer needs. This is how volatile markets can be ridden and the future can be shaped at the same time. Simultaneously, it is more important than ever to recognize opportunities earlier – and to be prepared for them. What are products and services and also new markets that are attractive and relevant for next generations? What are opportunities to proactively think about social and environmental sustainability? How can the values of Generation Z be proactively incorporated? Which innovations create a positive identity among employees?

EARLY BRANDS Insight: What are examples for next generation innovation? What are exciting opportunities for shaping innovation?

Captain Alex: Have a look on everything that is currently building up in the dynamics around socio-demographic change. We should ask ourselves: What happens when baby boomers retire? When skills shortages more an more increase? From a cross-market and cross-industry perspective, this is where super-exciting business opportunities for new products and services can be found. To keep companies robustly for the future through innovative organizational development.

For market relevance and robustness of the company, it is also important to think about the social added value of innovations and new business models at an early stage. While a few years ago it was only Generation Z, i.e. post-millennials, today and in the future it will be crucial for more and more generations to design and market products and services in a socially fair and balanced way. This is also an opportunity to create identity for companies and employees.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: Which topics are most important to drive robustness and strength for the future and for next generation innovation?

Captain Alex: New technologies have always been a key factor in the future viability and robustness of a company. Along the entire value chain, new technologies can be used to leverage value potential, with employees and for customer satisfaction and as enablers or accelerators for new revenue streams. A good starting point are the needs of employees and customers. What are the pain points of employees? What are the needs of customers?

With a view to the next generations and future strength, the whole topic of “clean tech,” for example, is very exciting. In other words, clean technologies that save resources, reduce energy consumption, and cut waste and pollution. These are exciting starting points for innovative business models, the enhancement of value potential in the company and the development of new target groups and markets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a production or service company. Because in more and more markets, industries and target groups, there is an increasing demand for environmental sustainability and the conscious use of resources.

Do you also want to think about tomorrow today? Let’s exchange ideas on how we can create value together for future generations. We listen to your topics, thoughts and questions. And how we can shape the future together in our creative space in Bremen.

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Next Generation Innovation

Do you want to think about tomorrow today and create innovations for future generations? Let’s exchange ideas on how we can create value together. We listen to your topics, thoughts and questions.

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