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The positive customer experience as a key to success …

In our dynamic age, not only technologies, innovations and markets change continuously and rapidly. Also, customers, their needs and expectations gain momentum. There are many reasons for that: high product variety, new digital business models and services, an increasing number of possibilities to (digitally) interact with companies and brands. Today’s customers are more and more digital. “Always on” and “Always Ready“.

That’s why it is more important than ever to make customers happy. And that only is possible knowing your customers well. Do not only get into your customers shoes – walk with them. This EARLY BRANDS insight provides inspiration for a successful customer experience …


Starting point for a successful customer experience: your customers’ pain points. Emotions are stronger than the best technology. Have a look on your customer journey. Slip into the shoes of your customers and experience the customer journey for yourself: Is the e-commerce process too complicated? The service not intuitive? Is the chatbot not “smart enough”? Is your sales hotline difficult to reach?

A positive customer experience is the top priority of your customer journey. With contact points that inspire people. With a WOW! effect. And turn customers into satisfied customers. But: pain point does not remain the same pain point. The increasing number of innovative possibilities and services make it necessary that you always keep the ball rolling. Who would have thought 5 years ago, to test and buy the right lipstick “virtually” from the comfort of your own home instead of in the drugstore? Who would have expected that we would no longer take out loans at our house bank, but with a few clicks from the sofa online? Without long contract negotiations, but according to our whishes? Yesterday we trusted the local craftsman when we needed a new heating system. Today we configure and order it online. Directly. Digitally. And 100% adapted to our needs.

What can we learn from this? Knowing the pain points of your customers, knowing what bothers them, you will be able to find possibilities and ways to solve them. In classic, analogous ways. But also, more and more digitally. Customer Journey: 360° to the wishes and needs of your target groups. With the WOW! effect. Pain points are just as fast moving as new products and services themselves. Foresight. Courage. And a large portion of creativity is required. It is not only about knowing what customers want, but also about finding out what customers might want in the future. So, do not just focus on the needs of your customers – be creative and create some! This is how the positive customer experience is guaranteed to become successful.


Also, it will be very valuable offering customers added value in terms of products and services – and thus positively shaping the customer experience. Therefore: a successful core business is the basis – but services/products around it could be a key success driver. Thus, open your eyes for attractive ways to extend your value creation chain. Create added value and customer experience beyond your core business. Ask yourself: what services and benefits can be offered to customers – before or during the purchase phase? While using your product/service? Or at the end of the life cycle? Which upstream and downstream processes can you integrate into your value chain? Which new, innovative mainstays and business models are attractive to your customers?

Do not only offer cars for sale: bring the right financing and insurance and register the car for your customer for free. Do not just deliver packages – but keep your customer up to date with personality and complete transparency. No longer just sell machines but use the potentials of industry 4.0 and have tailor-made services or software solutions for your customers in your pocket. Proactively search for new sources of revenue through new technologies and innovations that inspire customers. Always think outside the box and create opportunities for customer experiences beyond core business. You do not have to do this alone. Look out for the right partners for a successful ecosystem – be stronger together. This is how you create added value and a positive customer experience – quickly, agilely and collaboratively.

We at EARLY BRANDS Innovation & Technology Consultants know that a positive customer experience is a key to success. Together with leading brand and technology companies, we successfully make customers happy. Whether in Bremen, Hamburg or Telaviv – we design customer journeys with the voice of customers and users. Considering individual requirements + analogue and digital innovations and possibilities.

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