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How innovation and technology enrich and facilitate life in old age

In a fast-paced world where technology is constantly advancing, one question is becoming increasingly important: How do we want to live in old age? This question is not only of interest to the older generation, but to all of us. Demographic change is leading to new needs: Life expectancy is increasing. “Old” people stay longer “young”, want more out of life, well-being and security. As a result, innovations and technologies are also becoming increasingly important. Not only because they make life easier and provide control in many respects. But also because more and more generations are becoming accustomed to them.

What exactly do we mean by the term “age tech”? Where can digital possibilities in care and living already provide social and economic benefits today? How can innovation & technology help take “aging” to a new level?

At EARLY BRANDS Innovation & Technology Consultants, we deal with innovations for the next generations daily. Innovation that resonates with people is our focus.
We know, Age Tech innovations, offer promising possibilities to improve the everyday life of seniors, relatives and caregivers. For a self-determined life, even in old age. The possibilities are already very versatile today:

Communication and everyday care

A key aspect between seniors, relatives and caregivers is communication. Innovative solutions can help seniors stay in touch with their relatives. Support care at home. Or, for example, enable easy exchange with care staff through intelligent systems. Communication even over long distances thus becomes “child’s play”. Due to the increasing shortage of skilled workers, the relief of nursing staff in their daily work is also a major challenge. Here, innovations can help optimize processes and enable caregivers to concentrate on what is really important: caring for people.

One example that impressively shows how great added value can be created with already existing technology is LifeLoop. A platform that actively engages family members in the residences of their loved ones. Through features like community calendars, group chats or various monitoring tools. Hayylo also offers a way to connect care teams with families, as well as other service providers such as senior choirs or senior trips. This saves time, effort and also costs. Communication made easier. In all areas of life. For seniors and also for their family members and caregivers.

“Generative AI” technologies also offer new ways to simplify everyday caregiving. Welbi, for example, automates administrative tasks for caregivers. This leads to a reduction in documentation workload. And it leaves more time for nursing care.

These innovations show how technology can help improve life in old age, but also enrich family members and caregivers. However, it is not just the technological solutions themselves that make a difference, but also the way they are tailored to the needs and wishes of older people.

Independent living and housing

One of the biggest challenges and desires in old age is the pursuit of a self-determined, independent and at the same time safe life. This is where technologies that enable seniors to stay fit come into play. Smart home applications that make life easier at home in old age and monitor health are also helping more and more people to live more independently in old age.

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Technology and innovations are also playing an increasingly important role in old age. Not only for more self-determination, control and safety – also for more comfort, fun and entertainment.

One example of this is SensorCall. A night light that monitors the activities of seniors and thus offers fall prevention. Those who live alone in old age thus have less to worry about. And relatives are notified directly of any abnormalities and can respond quickly.

Not every senior already interacts confidently with new technologies. Nevertheless, new technologies do not necessarily have a deterrent effect. On the contrary, they arouse interest. This is also what Obie does to keep seniors fit. Obie has developed room projections with activity and memory games. This means there is less time for boredom in old age. And technologies are also fun in old age.

Other innovations, such as GoGo, make it possible for seniors who are not so tech-savvy to simply request a ride, meals or household assistance by phone.

Innovative living concepts

Exciting developments are emerging in living concepts for the elderly that have the potential to significantly improve the lives of seniors. From technology-based solutions to innovative ways of living together, innovations offer many benefits.

Co-living, for example, is also becoming increasingly popular among seniors and promotes social interaction. Those who prefer to live together with like-minded people rather than alone in old age already have many options here today in addition to the classic residence or nursing homes. Lively, for example, implements a hybrid residential model, combining activities, living, care & service.

Developments in other areas of the real estate industry, such as Tiny Houses are also already tailored to the target group “seniors” and linked with innovative services.

The future of Age Tech

The future of Age Tech is promising, and we are sure that many more innovations will create value for living in old age in the coming years. The examples from this EB Insight clearly demonstrate the potential of Age Tech and the many opportunities it offers: From the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the use of sensors and IT platforms that connect people. The potential applications are vast and an example of how we at EARLY BRANDS create value with innovation and co-creation.

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