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5 things startups do differently

Startups create new markets. They find answers for questions that no one else asks. They have the potential to turn industries upside down and reorganize them completely. Flexible, quick and highly motivated. What can we learn and adapt?

OPTIMISM  & COURAGE : Open-minded, positive and adaptable in approaching an idea. Focus on opportunities and putting risks on ice. This “nothing is impossible mentality” creates a common spirit, courage and openness – for quick success.

SPEED : Because of this openness + Startups often have short decision-making paths, decisions and changes are much faster than in large companies. Long loops and “what-if-or-what-not” do not happen. Speed and agility are the result – a clear advantage in the dynamics of our age.

TRIAL & ERROR : Young companies often lack the financials to plan, design and execute everything down to the smallest detail. This leads in the need for a fast working product / service instead of the 10th design loop. This results in quickly introducing the product / services and receiving user feedback very fast. That has a big advantage, because only products / services that are designed in line with customer needs are successful.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & TEAM  SPIRIT : Achieve goals jointly. No “silo thinking”, because organizational units are very small or not there yet. Management levels do not play a role. There is no ivory tower and everyone stands for the same thing. Pushing business in the same direction to make an idea a success. As one team, with creative people and above all: with the customers.

ADAPTABILITY : Speed and the constant uncertainty of how markets react to an idea, lead to extraordinary high adaptability and agility of Startups. There is constant reflection and reaction. Standing still is not an option.

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At EARLY BRANDS, we live day by day in this positive “Startup Spirit”, in our office in Bremen. Whether internal, with partners or with users. This is how innovative business models and services are created fast, agile and always with its finger on the pulse of the time. High benefits and economic attractiveness are exactly what makes us and our clients successful. To face the dynamics of our world with courage and openness, to anticipate the new and quickly implement innovations.

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