Innovation from A to Z

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Our ABC for successful innovation in the digital age

Innovation from A gility to Z ickzaggery

A GILE and customer-centric. Be always one step ahead – be flexibly responsive to markets and customer needs. Anticipate changes quickly and innovatively. That is most important in the dynamics of our digital age.

B UILD-MEASURE-LEARN and do not waste your time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Quickly test and step-by-step explore innovation ideas together with your customers and partners.

C ULTURE eats strategy for breakfast. Innovation and creativity need a culture characterized by openness and sense of cohesiveness – live innovations instead of only talking about them.

D ISRUPTION is all around you. Thus: identify and utilize innovation and technology opportunities as early as possible.

E COSYSTEM and partners enable speed and multiply innovation success. Create innovations collectively rather than always focusing competition.

F INANCES and resources: times of steel and concrete is over. Our creative age needs a shift of resources towards creativity and innovation.

G UARANTEE is non-existent.

H ORIZONS must be big and bold. Leave your comfort zone. Think above your core business and proactively, creatively shape innovation in different categories: from service, to product through to completely new business models.

I NTERACTION is king. Whether employee, partner or customer:  innovation success is created and accelerated by people.

J OINTLY create. Innovation do not need single-players. Do not only think in internal innovations but also consider cooperation, partnerships and strategic investments.

K EEP FOCUS and do not postpone innovation to next year. 

L EAN STARTUP test ideas for innovation quickly – with least capital expenditures + valuable customer feedback. Further develop your idea in markets step-by-step.

M ARKET RELEVANCE and customer enthusiasm – that’s what it’s all about!

N OISE LEVEL is high. Our markets are characterized by high volatility, uncertainty, and complexity. Be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow and proactively raise awareness for innovation.

O UT-Of-THE-BOX thinking and acting! Wake up: there are so many innovation and technology opportunities around you!

P ROTOTYPE whether paper, dough or 3D-printed: build prototypes for your idea as early as possible. Make it vivid and descriptive for you and your customers!

Q UANTIFY and estimate business potentials of your innovation idea. Build innovation business cases and explore potentials for multiplication and scalability.

R ECOMBINE the best of existing solutions and creatively shape new path of success. Thus, often 1+1 is 3.

S OURCES whether intern or extern. Whether fair, online desk research or professional innovation and technology scouting. Whether tech partner, customer or supplier: valuable market information snooze all around you.

T RANSFORMATION is ubiquitous. Markets of tomorrow already challenge solutions of today and give rise to new innovations day by day.

U SE CASES are useful to see innovation ideas from a customer perspective. Get into your customers shoes and evaluate value propositions, WOW-factors and features.

V ALUES are varied. New income streams? Customer loyalty? Efficiency and productivity gains? Cost savings? Sustainability? …

W ORKSHOPS are more than just creative meetings. Whether ideation, conception or design sprints – you commonly develop valuable insights and outcomes in a short period of time while creating a common understanding, engagement and motivation for innovation.

X PERIENCE matters. Even in our digital age the customer is the king. Thus, focus on customer added-values and services that create enthusiasm and differentiation.

Y ES we can! Passion, enthusiasm and joy should be constant companions for successful innovation in the dynamics of our digital age.

Z ICKZAGGERY … successful innovation do not follow a straight course. Thus, agilely test your ideas with real customers today rather than wasting time with innovation processes regulated down to the last detail.

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