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Reasons to be more successful with partners…

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How can success of innovations and new business models be maximized? How to minimize lead times and investments?

To make new innovation ideas and technologies succeed faster and easier, it’s best not to rock your expeditions alone. Find strong partners and accelerate your success – with an Innovation Ecosystem. Captain Future already knew that. Ask yourself: Which partners such as start-ups, tech companies, suppliers, customers or even competitors will increase your success? We are in the transition to a knowledge society. Knowhow and expertise are becoming fundamental capital. In this sense: Two know more than one and three are even smarter…

Innovation Ecosystem: WHY it is valuable

An innovation ecosystem is very important for innovation success and added value in our digital age. As knowledge, innovative technologies and services of different partners are combined, success is realized much faster. Ecosystems enable us to create values that are much greater than we would reach alone. No one can co-create alone. There are many companies that have a strong focus on internal innovation development. Thus, they cut themselves off from competition but at the same time they are their own worst enemy. Innovation partners and common power is needed to survive in today’s cross-market and cross-industry hyper-innovation-contest…

Partner arbeiten gemeinsam als Ecosytem
Jointly create and shape innovation success: combine competencies and knowhow within a strong innovation ecosystem with precise tech partners, start-ups, customers, suppliers …

Innovation ecosystems are more than a cooperation. In the sense of a nature ecosystem, partners profit from each other and combine their specific strength. Thus, they benefit from collaboration. Concerning dynamics of the digital age, innovation ecosystems gain a key competitive advantage: speed. Together we are strong but first and foremost we are fast. Involve innovation partners into early innovation stages to reach higher variety and inspiration. For more business opportunities. Technology partners bring forward their ideas to increase market and customer values with new technologies. Also, they make proposals how to differentiate from competition – from new business models through to new digital technologies and services.

Our experience: especially partners from far out markets and sectors offer valuable impulses for innovation success. Moreover, the involvement of existing suppliers and customers is very valuable to develop and conceptualize innovation ideas. In our digital age, only companies thinking outside the box, will reach success in the long-run. For both: new business opportunities as well as anticipation of new competitors. We do not have many alternatives within today’s hyper-competition: companies and brands disappear from the screen and get disrupted by new technologies day by day…


Why was Elon Musk’ Space X with reusable rockets like Falcon realized much faster and more productive than NASA? That’s clear as daylight: processes and technologies from other markets and sectors are continuously being combined and varied with Space X’ team ideas. Best from anywhere. Today, also NASA relies on Space X. Another example: Solaris Bank. Being a white label bank, Solaris enables e-commerce companies to offer bank facilities like financing or hire-purchases without the need of having own bank licenses. Also, amazon is consisting out of a huge ecosystem: while their customers participate from a huge sales platform, amazon profits from their sales but also from many other services like logistics, fulfillment, cloud-services … By integrating early stage startups and their innovative products, amazon not only benefits from offering always the latest products but also innovative new services that inspire and retain customers…

Team arbeitet gemeinsam kreativ
Collaborative power for the digital age. Realize innovative services, products, technologies or business models in a quicker and easier way – innovation ecosystem. 


Our innovation consulting supports you specifically in designing your innovation ecosystem and leading it to success: Identifying and integrating the right ecosystem partners. With a view to the entire company – or also for innovation projects and new business models. Thanks to our global Innovation & Technology Scouting and expert network, we are also a valuable ecosystem partner for you.

We identify valuable start-ups, tech companies or marketing partners quickly and productively. And integrate them for your mutual benefit. Accelerate success. With a clear focus on market and customer needs – and a positive future for next generations.

Alone you are strong – but together we are stronger!

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