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How successful innovation and technology consulting rocks forward today

Digitalization, innovation and new technologies change markets, industries and varied professional fields – including innovation and technology consulting. We provide insights how we jointly create future innovations and technologies. And thus create values for next generations.

It has not been a long time when innovation and technology management was mastered with endless excel-charts, time consuming stage-gate-innovation processes and sophisticated measures. Today, we experience a hyper-competition – cross market and cross industry. Just right now Amazon, Google and many innovative young startups ask themselves: How can market and customer needs be redefined in a new innovative way? How can markets be disrupted and captured?

That is what innovation consulting is about today. We create added value with our clients every day – as a fast, flexible and agile partner. Whether executives or employees, our teams embolden to proactively adapt changes. Identify new business opportunities as key success factors. Anticipate and shape future actively. Strengthen businesses with innovative new opportunities.

Innovationsberatung im dynamischen digitalen Zeitalter
Our digital age is from high speed and dynamics. Thus: flexibility, speed and creative combinations of innovative ideas, technology opportunities and market needs are essential.

For us as innovation consulting that means: identify innovation and technology opportunities globally. Support partners to get an open mind for different playing fields. Create innovative business models for existing markets and beyond. We early involve the right innovation and technology partners and potential customers. And create market-relevant solutions interdisciplinary. That is the only way to keep one finger on the pulse – know customer needs of tomorrow already today. For market-relevant solutions with high business potentials.

Design Sprints with clients, technology partners and users in preference to rigid innovation concepts that end up in the drawer. Rapid prototyping and a “build-measure-learn” attitude rather than product launches planned down to the last detail. Flexibility and agility as opposed to linear innovation processes. In a nutshell: do not build skyscrapers on skyscrapers.

Our starting point: Partners. Individual challenges and needs. For individual added value. In our creative space in Bremen, we make it possible to dive into the future interactively together with us. On the digital whiteboard, with Lego, agile business models, Post It’s & Co.

Agile Beratung zu Innovation und Technologie
Joint development and implementation of innovation ideas secures business and market relevance as well as competitive edge.

From more than 15 years in innovation consulting we know: it is important to not put all your eggs in one basket. Better: Juggle with several opportunities. Promote those options that lead to highest prospects of success. At the same time, have an open mind for changes and stay flexible and agile. That’s why we work with our partners to shape fields of opportunity. In which innovations can arise. Together, we open up the playing fields of the future. Because the most attractive business opportunities increasingly lie outside the core business. We help you unearth treasures – agilely, quickly and with added value.

Another important insight from our consulting concerning innovation and technology: You do not have to do it alone. Together with our clients, we conceive flexible partner Ecosystems, evaluate potential cooperation partners like startups and use the advantages of strong partnerships. Times in which innovation and technology projects were managed by own efforts are over. In high dynamics and complexity of our digital age, we are stronger, faster and more successful when we stick together in strong teams.

Our innovation consulting ist very specialized. We successfully identify innovations and new technologies for our clients and jointly shape business opportunities. With values for your business + for next generations.

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