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Augmented Reality for businesses – Insights from Flying Anna

Insights into our innovation consulting 

With the technology “Augmented Reality” (AR) we extend our physical world with virtual elements. In this way, we create experiences that go beyond the “real”. And inspire. Flying Anna gives us insights and experiences from  innovation consulting.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: Anna, what is your work about at the moment?

Anna: Currently, I dedicate a large part of my time to the topic of “Augmented Reality” – and its applications and potentials for companies. Both, in the consumer and B2B sector. Our worldwide Innovation & Technology Scouting is a great starting point. Here, we have a look at impulses, best practices and exciting use cases for AR worldwide. How revenue potentials, customer benefits and sustainability issues play a role. And how this meet the individual service offerings and strengths of our partners. In this way, we can very quickly identify opportunity areas and concrete concepts for our partners.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: What is special about it? 

Anna: AR offers exciting playing fields for innovation. We all know AR, e.g. through gaming hypes like Pokemon Gó or through the fancy AR filters on Instagram and Snapchat. Want to look like Mini Mouse or Shrek? No problem with my smartphone and AR…

What excites us as customers about AR is that experiences in our physical world are extended. Through diverse digital components and possibilities. Experiences that go beyond the “real”. And there are almost no limits here. From luxury sneakers that I try on and buy virtually at home, to guided tours of the “Old St. Pauli” in Hamburg, to AR experiences in various museums and zoos.

And not only that: AR already has many more areas of application than in marketing and sales. AR also offers a wide range of potential in industry and manufacturing, medicine, architecture or landscaping. To relieve employees, increase productivity, reduce costs and also open up new sources of revenue.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: Why is this important?

Anna: AR is a technology that hardly any company will be able to ignore – in the medium to long term. I was able to experience AR just yesterday on a walk with my son: conjuring up a wide variety of dinosaurs on my phone with a scan. It was great fun and led me and my son to a great experience.

And that’s where the opportunity for companies lies: The technology it takes for AR has long since matured. There are many great startups and tech companies that can implement initiatives around AR in a very short time with little effort.

But for companies, it’s now more about recognizing and capitalizing on the individual opportunities behind this technology. Delight customers. Establish price premium. Develop new revenue streams. Reduce costs and effort. No matter which industry, no matter whether B2C or B2B – the playing fields for AR are huge and ready to be occupied.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: What is the key to success? 

Anna: From our innovation consulting we know: in our dynamic age, change is just around the corner every day. That’s why my recommendation is: act instead of wait. And the best way to do that: in close collaboration with customers and employees. Because it’s not AR technology that makes companies successful. It’s the satisfied customers and employees who use this technology in different facets.

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