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Augmented Reality for businesses – Insights from Flying Anna

Insights into our innovation consulting 

With the technology “Augmented Reality” (AR) we extend our physical world with virtual elements. In this way, we create experiences that go beyond the “real”. And inspire. Flying Anna gives us insights and experiences from  innovation consulting.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: Anna, what is your work about at the moment?

Anna: Currently, I dedicate a large part of my time to the topic of “Augmented Reality” – and its applications and potentials for companies. Both, in the consumer and B2B sector. Our worldwide Innovation & Technology Scouting is a great starting point. Here, we have a look at impulses, best practices and exciting use cases for AR worldwide. How revenue potentials, customer benefits and sustainability issues play a role. And how this meet the individual service offerings and strengths of our partners. In this way, we can very quickly identify opportunity areas and concrete concepts for our partners.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: What is special about it? 

Anna: AR offers exciting playing fields for innovation. We all know AR, e.g. through gaming hypes like Pokemon Gó or through the fancy AR filters on Instagram and Snapchat. Want to look like Mini Mouse or Shrek? No problem with my smartphone and AR…

What excites us as customers about AR is that experiences in our physical world are extended. Through diverse digital components and possibilities. Experiences that go beyond the “real”. And there are almost no limits here. From luxury sneakers that I try on and buy virtually at home, to guided tours of the “Old St. Pauli” in Hamburg, to AR experiences in various museums and zoos.

And not only that: AR already has many more areas of application than in marketing and sales. AR also offers a wide range of potential in industry and manufacturing, medicine, architecture or landscaping. To relieve employees, increase productivity, reduce costs and also open up new sources of revenue.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: Why is this important?

Anna: AR is a technology that hardly any company will be able to ignore – in the medium to long term. I was able to experience AR just yesterday on a walk with my son: conjuring up a wide variety of dinosaurs on my phone with a scan. It was great fun and led me and my son to a great experience.

And that’s where the opportunity for companies lies: The technology it takes for AR has long since matured. There are many great startups and tech companies that can implement initiatives around AR in a very short time with little effort.

But for companies, it’s now more about recognizing and capitalizing on the individual opportunities behind this technology. Delight customers. Establish price premium. Develop new revenue streams. Reduce costs and effort. No matter which industry, no matter whether B2C or B2B – the playing fields for AR are huge and ready to be occupied.

EARLY BRANDS Insight: What is the key to success? 

Anna: From our innovation consulting we know: in our dynamic age, change is just around the corner every day. That’s why my recommendation is: act instead of wait. And the best way to do that: in close collaboration with customers and employees. Because it’s not AR technology that makes companies successful. It’s the satisfied customers and employees who use this technology in different facets.

Do you also want to shape the future of your company with innovations and new technologies? We invite you to join us in Bremen in our creative rooms. Let’s exchange ideas about what moves you. And how we can shape the future together.

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A Week in the life of …

Astronaut on a pop art background in colors of pink and blue


A week full of inspiration and innovation

We want to dive into our world with you and show you our work behind the scenes of EARLY BRANDS and bring it to you a bit closer. Elena has been part of our team for many years. As an Innovation & Technology Consultant she takes you on a journey through a week of innovation consulting: team spirit, interaction, agility… and much more.

Go for it!

Monday – Teamspirit with What-How-Why

With a carafe of water and a cup of tea I start the day. I check the upcoming activities for the week in the Kanban for their actuality. And review the priorities for the days. Nothing works without post-its, all steps and activities come to the wall. But more on the post-its later. On mondays, we come together in our project teams. Discuss activities, milestones and next steps. Also, we talk about our feelings and thoughts – that is very important for our teaming.

Today, creative sessions with colleagues are planned. In our sessions, we help each other to discover new perspectives to protect each other from narrow thinking. Who does not know this situation: you are so deeply involved in a topic that a new look at things opens up completely new perspectives and possibilities. This exchange with colleagues is important and part of our way of working. The most important questions that almost always accompany us are: What? How? Why? What do we do? How do we do it? And why do we do it? The “Why” is essential, because that’s how we always have the goal in mind.

Tuesday – Meet exciting personalities. Inspiration.

Today I am looking forward to a session with one of our partners. The variety here ranges from the first meet up in an “Inspiration & Scoping Session”, to targeted user interviews with the client, to design sprints. The appropriate format is decided according to requirements of our partner and project progress.

Another important principle is to take up the thoughts and ideas of the people. No matter whether we get to know them in a one-hour session or run through a workshop lasting several days. It is particularly important to us to develop ideas together for the people and with the people. This is the only way to turn an idea into a market-relevant business model.

Wednesday – Towards new horizons

Aprospo business model: this Wednesday I am working on the further development of a business model. Our daily work includes identifying, structuring and testing relevant business models. If necessary, however, we adapt it to the needs of the market. To do this, we use different methods – one of the is business model canvas. We ask ourselves questions like: What are the  user problems? How can we solve them? What is the benefit of the solution? Through these questions we get closer to the essence of a concept idea and develop it step-by-step with users.

Together we are also looking forward to a team lunch on our balcony or in one of the restaurants in our neighbourhood. In the heart of Bremen. The after-lunch walk has become a fixed ritual, no matter rainy days in Bremen.

Thursday – Networking with start-ups and tech partners

Every Thursday I have video calls with technology partners. Our tech partners support the technical realization and subsequent technical support of a project. We exchange ideas about the development during the week and plan next steps together. With Trello, MS Teams and Co., we can work on projects completely independent of location and keep each other up to date.

Friday – With user journey and Chilltrax into the weekend

To start the day, we listen to the favorite san francisco-based station Chilltrax. If we need a change of pace, Deep House is also welcome.

Today we want to create a persona and design user journeys. At this point, the post-its should be mentioned again. They are an integral part of our work. In the case of a user journey, for example, they represent individual steps of the user. For a persona, a post-it corresponds to a property or a pain point. We can use them flexibly and have a basis for further development, visible to all, in the shortest possible time.

On hot summer days (and sometimes also in winter), we like to go to the freezer to finish off the Friday. It is always filled with ice cream. As our “ice cream officer” I always keep an eye on it.

No week is like the other. They are full of interaction, team spirit and inspiration. We have developed processes that allow us to complete a wide range of tasks in a short time and to react quickly to new developments. Teamwork, flexibility and agility are our strengths. I live and feel that every day.

Here are inspiring links to the topics and tools for you that I mentioned:

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Innovation Consulting 2.0

Early Brands Team is working together on new business ideas


How successful innovation and technology consulting rocks forward today

Digitalization, innovation and new technologies change markets, industries and varied professional fields – including innovation and technology consulting. We provide insights how we jointly create future innovations and technologies. And thus create values for next generations.

It has not been a long time when innovation and technology management was mastered with endless excel-charts, time consuming stage-gate-innovation processes and sophisticated measures. Today, we experience a hyper-competition – cross market and cross industry. Just right now Amazon, Google and many innovative young startups ask themselves: How can market and customer needs be redefined in a new innovative way? How can markets be disrupted and captured?

That is what innovation consulting is about today. We create added value with our clients every day – as a fast, flexible and agile partner. Whether executives or employees, our teams embolden to proactively adapt changes. Identify new business opportunities as key success factors. Anticipate and shape future actively. Strengthen businesses with innovative new opportunities.

Innovationsberatung im dynamischen digitalen Zeitalter
Our digital age is from high speed and dynamics. Thus: flexibility, speed and creative combinations of innovative ideas, technology opportunities and market needs are essential.

For us as innovation consulting that means: identify innovation and technology opportunities globally. Support partners to get an open mind for different playing fields. Create innovative business models for existing markets and beyond. We early involve the right innovation and technology partners and potential customers. And create market-relevant solutions interdisciplinary. That is the only way to keep one finger on the pulse – know customer needs of tomorrow already today. For market-relevant solutions with high business potentials.

Design Sprints with clients, technology partners and users in preference to rigid innovation concepts that end up in the drawer. Rapid prototyping and a “build-measure-learn” attitude rather than product launches planned down to the last detail. Flexibility and agility as opposed to linear innovation processes. In a nutshell: do not build skyscrapers on skyscrapers.

Our starting point: Partners. Individual challenges and needs. For individual added value. In our creative space in Bremen, we make it possible to dive into the future interactively together with us. On the digital whiteboard, with Lego, agile business models, Post It’s & Co.

Agile Beratung zu Innovation und Technologie
Joint development and implementation of innovation ideas secures business and market relevance as well as competitive edge.

From more than 15 years in innovation consulting we know: it is important to not put all your eggs in one basket. Better: Juggle with several opportunities. Promote those options that lead to highest prospects of success. At the same time, have an open mind for changes and stay flexible and agile. That’s why we work with our partners to shape fields of opportunity. In which innovations can arise. Together, we open up the playing fields of the future. Because the most attractive business opportunities increasingly lie outside the core business. We help you unearth treasures – agilely, quickly and with added value.

Another important insight from our consulting concerning innovation and technology: You do not have to do it alone. Together with our clients, we conceive flexible partner Ecosystems, evaluate potential cooperation partners like startups and use the advantages of strong partnerships. Times in which innovation and technology projects were managed by own efforts are over. In high dynamics and complexity of our digital age, we are stronger, faster and more successful when we stick together in strong teams.

Our innovation consulting ist very specialized. We successfully identify innovations and new technologies for our clients and jointly shape business opportunities. With values for your business + for next generations.

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Our focus: People. Agility. Innovativeness. Speed. Individual consulting and implementation support for innovative business opportunities. Let’s shape innovations together.

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Insights into our Innovation Team

Grafitti Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit

A day full of innovation and new technologies

An innovation team interview with Alexander Witte

In our team interviews we look behind the scenes of EARLY BRANDS. Today, our Managing Director Alexander gives insights into innovation consulting at EARLY BRANDS …

EARLY BRANDS Insights: How do you start the day?

ALEXANDER: At 05:45 am, I wake up with the great Italian composer Otto Respighi. He is conducted by Naville Marriner and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. With his Suite No. 3 from “Ancient Airs and Dances” I start the day in a positive and relaxed mood. After that, I either get useful advices and trainings from Coach Eddie about back muscle training or I put on my running shoes to go for a spin in the nature.

Alexander in San Francisco

EARLY BRANDS Insights: Preferred means of transport?

ALEXANDER: Whether in Bremen, Zurich or San Francisco: by foot or by mountain bike. Enjoying the nature and the different seasons closely and immediately is a great thing. Our Chief Happiness Dog Walther is also happy when we set off together in the morning to our creative space in Bremen.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: What is your first activity when arriving the office?

ALEXANDER: I start my expeditions with a tasty coffee crema with a milk shot. After that, I have a look on my KANBAN where I juggle pink EARLY BRANDS post-it notes to organize topics and activities for my week and every single day. In the mix – manual on the wall + digital in our team Mural. On Mondays, we start together as innovation team. Talk about next steps and activities – what did we learn? What activities are coming up? What do I need for them? Thus, we start every week together, knowing what’s coming up and how the others are doing + how they feel.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: What do you never forget to pack?

ALEXANDER: A good mood, passion and an open mind to create new ideas day by day. Also, a tasty nut-mix – a great energy supplier.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: Indispensable tools and apps for your daily routines?

ALEXANDER: A pile of post-it notes and pencils. To easily write down ideas and thoughts of people I work with. My Iphone is a great tech gadget with everything you need. Just look at it and it is ready for you – due to face ID: from phone and video calls to great pictures from our innovation workshops and sessions.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: How do you spend the time with your innovation team? What is most important for you?

ALEXANDER: I have a lot of answers for that question. I always have an open ear, listen to people and offer support whenever it is needed. Gratitude is also a very important thing for me.We talk openly. Not only about work, but also about our gut feelings. That brings us together. And makes us strong.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: Personal tips around innovation and technology?

ALEXANDER:  In our digital age, passionate people are the key factor for success. 1# Take empathic people on board who have the power and ambition to create innovations in a positive way. From executive board members to project managers. 2# Pull instead of push. 3# Think outside the box. Think and act across different market and sectors. Create innovation opportunities broadly. 4# Empowerment. Let it go. You do not have to do everything on your own. 5# Think in playing fields and respect all the players.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: How do you end a successful day?

ALEXANDER: If possible, I enjoy dinner with my family and have calls with my friends. I like to bring sushi but with our current 29 °C, I prefer tasty ice cream from my favorite ice cream parlor. Also, I follow T3N Digital Pioniers Podcasts, listen to Eine Stunde History or IQ Wissenschaft und Forschung. I am willing to discover and understand our world. Also, I can recommend book readings with Blinkist.

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